The Project


An Initiative of Architectural Glass Design Australia (Inc.) (AGDA) 


  • To record the men and women who have contributed to the making of Australia’s stained and decorative glass from the 1850s to the year 2000;
  • To raise awareness of stained and decorative glass in Australia’s historic and contemporary buildings among practitioners, scholars, architects and the wider community;
  • To promote the art and craftsmanship of stained and decorative glass as an element of contemporary architecture.


  • To prepare an authoritative compilation of stained and decorative glass-makers in encyclopaedic format;
  • To publish the encyclopedia in book form and/or on-line as a resource for practitioners, educators, researchers, owners, custodians and the general public.



Responsibility for TSGEP is vested in AGDA, which will maintain an overseeing role, funding and publication.

Editorial Management

Management of the Encyclopedia Project is led by Bronwyn Hughes (Editor) and Lis de Deugd (Deputy Editor), an AGDA Committee representative.

Advisory Committee

A small number of well respected and experienced people from other States of Australia have been approached to assist.  They will ensure that the range, depth and authority of the project is maintained – from collection to publication.


TSGEP will differ from previous publications because the focus is on the people within the industry, rather than the windows that they produced.  It will celebrate their contribution to the art and craft of stained and decorative glass.

To make the list as comprehensive as possible it is anticipated that firms, artists, designers, glass painters, cartoon makers/draughtsmen, glass cutters, sandblasters, cementers and leadlight glaziers would be represented as contributors to the making of stained and decorative glass.  Suppliers may also be included where they have played a major role in the industry.  It is proposed to extend the entry list to makers in all States and Territories of Australia.

Information is sought from the wider community, as well as men and women who are currently within the industry.

Data on current and former individuals and firms will be collected in a consistent format and a  pro forma is available online or in hard copy from the Editor.  Supplementary information can be attached but may not necessarily be published.  A sample sheet has been prepared as a guide.

For further information please contact the Editorial team

Dr. Bronwyn Hughes

Lis de Deugd           


This part of the process is essential to the quality of the final publication.  All data submitted will require verification before it can be published.

A team of volunteers is needed to undertake research and to enter data.  All volunteer assistance will be acknowledged in the publication.

We welcome your interest and feedback at any time along the journey.


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