The Editor

Bronwyn Hughes is an independent scholar and art historian whose interests range around stained glass of all eras and throughout the world, but her primary focus is Australian stained glass.   It is hard to believe that, although stained glass has been a significant element of the built environment in Australia for 150 years, very little scholarly work has been completed.  The first book to be written on Australian stained glass was the pioneering work by Jenny Zimmer, Stained Glass in Australia (OUP) in 1984, with Beverley Sherry’s Australia’s Historic Stained Glass (Murray Child) published in 1991.  Apart from her own Lights of Our Past, a CD-ROM of images, text and essays, made in conjunction with RMIT Publishing in 1999, there have been no major surveys of Australia’s corpus of stained glass.  Monographs on individual artists have been few and far between  – Napier Waller, Christian Waller and Klaus Zimmer are among the exceptions – and much research is needed to redress these omissions.


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